Monday, November 30, 2015

Elf On the Shelf

I have to admit, a few years ago when I first saw and heard friends talking about The Elf on the Shelf I thought it was a bit silly and somewhat unnecessary. But I have come to embrace the tradition with my children and am able to put my own flare on it that keeps it fun, easy (for mommy that is), and yet still reinforces the true meaning of Christmas.

Here are some ideas that I have compiled to help with everything Elf related; from naming your elf to ideas of things your elf can do. I even will have a section for teachers wanting to use an elf in their classroom. 

~ Please note that this blog is still a work in progress so please bookmark my blog and check back as I continue to update it over the next few days!

PART ONE: Naming your Elf
Here are some holiday inspired name ideas to help spark your creativity in naming your elf.

PART TWO: While You Were Sleeping!!!
Here are some ideas of ways you can set up your elf and things he/she might be doing while your little ones were sleeping. Im all about making life fun, especially for my children, but we have to keep it practical as well. All of these ideas are super simple and do not leave a big mess behind to clean up.

1. On the First Day we always start with the Elf appearing with the Book she came with and a written letter from her. (pics to come with some sample letters)

2. Elf building with blocks or Legos

3. Clean Up Reminder Letter - Elf leaves a letter to remind children to clean their room, playroom, do chores, etc

4. Elf Working Out & Being Healthy

5. Elf Leaves a Picture (s)he colored - you can even ask for the children to color one for the Elf in return

6. Elf taking a Nap (on a pillow or in a tissue box) from long night traveling to the North Pole

7. Elf Made breakfast for the Kids/Family (doesn't have to be anything fancy, can merely be a bowl of cereal or whatever you normally would have on the menu for breakfast)

8. Elf Leaves Snowflake Decorations - cut out a few paper snowflakes & have Elf leave them to decorate the house, kids room, wherever is convenient for you to put them

9. Hide and Seek Elf

10.Do you wanna Build a Snowman? - Have Elf build a snowman with whatever is handy in your house (cotton balls, marshmallows, tissues, socks, be creative)

11. Cleaner Elf - Have Elf help doing a chore (sweeping, doing laundry, putting toys away)

12. Praying Elf - Set Elf by the Manger with a note reminding what the Christmas Season is truly about

13. Selfie Elfie - Have Elf leave a selfie picture on phone or tablet device

14. Gift Giving - go to the dollar store and have Elf leave a little gift like a puzzle, book, coloring book, toy, etc

15. Reminder to Clean Those Teeth

16. Reason for the Season Elf - Elf leaves a note of why (s)he is grateful for the gift of Jesus

17. Bible Study - Have Elf set up reading a certain verse from the Bible. (S)he can leave a note asking the family to read and share the verse with each other.

18. Story Time - Have Elf reading favorite Christmas story (can even be a new book/gift if you'd like) and leave a note that they can read it as a bedtime story.

19. Roasting Marshmallows - use phone, tablet, or computer to put a picture of a fire up and have Elf Roasting Marshmallows next to it.  (you could always do the old fashion way and print and color a picture of fire too)

20. Mini Chalk Board Message

21. Sledding Elf

22. Just Hanging Around

23. Musical Elf - playing a musical instrument (whatever you have in the house: drums, piano, recorder, or just set up set to an iPod with headphones listen to music)

24. Elf Countdown Cards

25. Sick Elf - Traveling back and forth to the North Pole can take a toll on your little Elf's health

26. Note calling for children to perform a Random Act of Kindness - This is a great opportunity for mom and dad to get involved and lead by example as well

* Visit back as more ideas and pictures are being added of activities your elf can do while your children are sleeping. These are ideas that are fun for kids and EASY for parents to do. 

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